Ital Recipes is your #1 source for Ital recipes.

     Ital food is naturally healthy, vegan, vegetarian, Kosher, Halal and Ahimsa.’s aim is to share Ital recipes and knowledge about Ital cuisine and livity with all. We would like to see this site go beyond the Rastafari community. Health and wellness knows no religion, class or creed. Upliftment and length of days are available to all who desire it. is blessed to provide nutritional healing to all. Ital recipes, food and cooking methods are just a few of the many resources here on the site. is a library of lifestyle and nutritional information. Once the website is up and functional, there will also be a blog about all things Ital, and new recipes will also be posted the site. Other things to come will be a YouTube channel with Ital cooking tutorials, a Facebook page and a Pinterest page.


 Right now the site is still under construction. The site should be fully working by March-April 2016. Right now the I is traveling and getting equipment for audio and video recording. In March-April, the YouTube channel will be up and going with video cooking tutorials. This will be the foundation of the site. Until then, feel free to browse around other areas of the site. Thank you for stopping by this site. Bless!


Ital-Recipes is a 100% free site. But, if you find this site useful, donations are apprecialoved. Remember to give only if you have the ways and means. Secure donations can be made via the paypal button. Remember to check the often. This is a new site and new information is uploaded everyday. Give thanks for stoppng by. Blessings.

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